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Training & Education

As you would expect in the industry’s finest real estate company, both education and training are tailor-made for our Brokers and Associates. Keller Williams Realty Associates receive the very best in real estate education through ongoing training from Keller Williams University. Keller Williams University was developed around a "learning-based belief" system.

A learning belief system is based on the theory that an individual is learning based when they have made the decision to use effective learning as the foundation piece for their action plan to develop their life. This is not knowledge for knowledge sake, but "knowing for doing sake."

At Keller Williams Realty our education programs provide our associate/partners a learning-based environment. Our associate/partners are encouraged to develop a learning plan that incorporates the steps to self-mastery.

KW Training University

Formally established in 1996, Keller Williams ® University is a tangible extension of the company’s ongoing commitment to learning and growth. Since its founding in 1983, Keller Williams ® Realty has strived to offer its Associates and Brokers the finest career and business training available. Its educational programs have been focused on increasing the personal productivity, sales skills and career development of its people.

The most fundamental and time-tested principles of business, marketing and customer service have been blended with the latest in effective educational methods. For this reason, among others, the Keller Williams ® System has rapidly expanded across the U.S. and become one of the fastest growing national real estate companies in the country.

KW University has a diverse selection of courses you could take to enhance your skills and empower your future.


KW Connect

The KW connect website is a highly informative website full of instructional videos on all aspects of training and education. KWConnect is our distance learning initiative; it’s where you go to get 24-hour access to Keller Williams Realty education. KW Connect also gives you access to other great training resources like Agent Mountain, Leadership Mountain, and My KW Connect.



Considered by many to be the leading coaching and masterminding program in the real estate industry, Keller Williams’ Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (MAPS) was the recipient of the 2009 Stevie Award for Sales Training or Coaching Program of the Year. MAPS coaches are committed to transforming the careers of real estate professionals via a range of programs that focus on letting go of limiting beliefs and being held accountable to the actions needed to achieve goals.

Why choose Keller
Williams Realty?

There are many reasons to choose Keller Williams Realty as the place to run your real estate business, but training and education top the list.

With Keller Williams University, CAMP 4-4-3, KW Connect, and many other education outlets, you have a proven model to follow to take your business from surviving to thriving.

This, along with support, culture, technology, and profit sharing make Keller Williams stand out from all of the other companies.


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