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1. Proprietary CAMP 4-4-3 Training for all new agents- This is a 6 week training program utilizing the nationally highly acclaimed KW Camp 443 to insure all the agents have a solid foundation in their new real estate career.

2. Coaching and Mentoring Program.

3. One on One Consulting.
4. Technology Classes offered every week to help the agent develop set up their peers.

5. Morning “Power Hour” and “Power Boost” is a daily accountability program 4 days a week for select well disciplined agents looking to increase their business by Lead Generating.

6. Team Meetings and weekly training events to engage our agents on lead generation activities and update on local market conditions.

7. Regular highly productive “phone duty” opportunities due to concentration of listings.

8. Monthly contract and real estate legal training to increase our agent’s real estate knowledge and professionalism.

9. In-house Risk Management will review every contract for errors and reduce the unforeseen legal issues and increase our associates professionalism.

10. On site TREC approved Continuing Education classes providing a huge convenience to our agents and a synergistic learning environment with their peers.

11. Top Agent Masterminds are senior agents who constantly look for best practices in the industry to increase their productivity and profitability.  They then hold regular Mastermind Clinics to teach these techniques to other KW agents.

12. Concierge Client Services Program - All clients entering a KW office are greeted with their names on a digital greeting board and personally acknowledge by our Director of First Impression. They will be offered a beverage and escorted to an agents individual offices or private conference room or lounge in lobby area until the agent is present.

13. Non-competing Management.

14. Our Market Share shows that we sell 1 out of every 5 homes in the area giving our agents a major advantage when presenting marketing presentations to their clients.

15. Customized office and agent marketing program allows our agents to personalize their services and market to the most discriminating client utilizing our proprietary virtual marketing website giving our agents the ability to present a mockup version of all marketing materials to clients prior to print and distribution.

16. Luxury Division for agents specifically for our associates selling to high income earning clients.

17. Commercial Division is designed for our associates who specialize in commercial real estate

18. Virtual Transaction and Marketing Management services to minimize the agents time on paperwork, website updates, and providing meaningful feedback to the client.

19. A world class facility from which to run the agent’s business.

20. In-house photographer with media room



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