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Provided Technology and Tools

Keller Williams Realty realizes the world is changing rapidly and the internet is getting more advanced. Having a technological edge over the competition allows our agents more opportunities to build and support their businesses. These are just a few of the many features our associates have at their fingertips:

  • State of the art websites with various designs to choose from.

  • Downloadable marketing materials and templates.

  • Internet training videos and audio sessions on Keller Williams University.

  • Database marketing and lead generation systems.

  • Agent performance and goal setting tools.

  • Virtual filing systems for sales and invoices.

Since Keller Williams provides you the technology to better list and sell your product and then provides you the marketing tools to drive traffic towards you and your website you will have a greater advantage over other realtors which will help generate your success.

  • Recruiting System

  • Agent Toolkits

  • Smart Marketing Intranet Site

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Master Minding

  • Convention Networking

  • Listing System

  • Webkit™ Templates

  •  Consulting

  • Training/Consulting

  • Peer Partnering

  • KW University

eAgentC Support & Training

eAgentC is a prime example of Keller Williams Realty’s commitment to maintaining a culture built by its agents and for its agents. eAgentC is an agent-focused technology group that saves associates thousands of dollars in technology by providing technology solutions.

eAgentC’s mission is to protect and develop our associates’ fiduciary position in the electronic world. In December 1999, Keller Williams® associates voted to create and fund an agent-focused technology group called eAgentC — The Electronic Agent Consortium.

The challenge of eAgentC is to provide relevant technology research, training and consulting for Keller Williams® associates and to advance our associates’ industry leading position through targeted Internet tool development. eAgentC provides tools that save agents thousands of dollars in systems development, software programming and graphic design. It has equipped Keller Williams® associates with a number of cutting-edge technology solutions including Agent Web sites, an online business management portal, free e-mail, and WebKits for agents seeking a custom web presence. eAgentC is a prime example of Keller Williams® commitment to maintaining a culture built by its agents and for its agents.

eAgentC— The Only Agent Consortium!

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