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Profit Sharing – Build Your Wealth

One of the values of being part of Keller Williams ® involves its profit share system. It is the most significant compensation innovation in real estate history; an open-ended profit-share program. This system allows any Keller Williams ® associate, affiliate broker or employee the opportunity to participate in the profits they help generate without assuming any financial risks.

This program goes beyond ordinary income opportunities. Through our associate vesting program, it continues for life, even after an associate stops listing and selling real estate. It is an insightful look at what future compensation programs will be measured against.

At Keller Williams, our associates are full business partners with the owners of the market centers. Participating agents are recognized and rewarded financially for bringing other talented, productive agents to the company by receiving a share in the profits generated by the entire office.

Keller Williams is an "open books" company, allowing its associates to access their market center’s financials to see firsthand how the company is performing. Brokers and agents are partners in business so everyone can work together to maximize financial success.

At Keller Williams, the opportunities to build wealth and secure your financial future are endless!


Multiple Streams of RevenueNearly half of all profits collected from our market center are returned to our agents, who are most responsible for delivering those profits. Currently, more than 23,000 agents participate in KW's profit-sharing program. Since the company's inception, 14 agents have made over $1 million in profit-sharing revenue alone. This alternative source of revenue is unavailable to agents at other brokerages, and it is one of the main reasons why KW is the fastest-growing brokerage in the nation.

Capped Commissions
KW's commitment to fairness is most evident in its capped commission structure, which allows agents to keep 100% of their commission checks once they pay their yearly "fair share," an amount that is predetermined based on yearly office expenses. This policy is very popular among KW's experienced, top-producing agents, who appreciate not having to pick up the slack for less-skilled agents.

Referral Network
KW has developed a revolutionary new multiple listing service that is comprised exclusively of homes listed by other KW agents, giving KW agents an easy way to browse listings and agents within the KW family. Referring business within KW allows KW associates to collaborate throughout the referral process, deliver better service, and generate better working relationships. There are over 75,000 associates within the KW family - each one of these talented KW agents represents a viable opportunity for you to refer business out of area and receive referrals in your area. The KW referral network is exclusive to KW agents and can be accessed online, over the phone, or in person.


Build Your Team
KW is the only national brokerage that trains and encourages agents to build up their real estate teams. Developing a winning team takes more than just finding the right people. Leadership requires intelligence, patience, creativity, and diligence. At KW, we believe it's our responsibility to help you cultivate these skills, which is why we have the best training and coaching in the industry. KW is the only national brokerage that offers proven training programs for team builders. As new members join your team, you will automatically receive profit-sharing dividends as those new team members produce.

Retirement Income
Once you have spent three years at Keller Williams, you secure your "downline" revenue for the rest of your life (and beyond), meaning you will continue to collect commissions on the agents you recruit to Keller Williams, even after you stop selling real estate. In fact, your heirs will continue to receive profit sharing checks even after you die. KW is the only national brokerage offering this type of generational financial security.


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